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Our trainings and professional experiences have allowed us to develop solid and proven translation skills in the following areas of expertise:

Engineering & Technology


  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering / Construction

  • Information Technology / Computer Science

  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems

  • Industrial Processes

  • Energy / Power Generation



  • E-commerce and Promotional Websites

  • Furniture

  • Fashion & Clothing

  • Cooking & Gastronomy

  • Tourism & Travel

  • Cosmetics


  • Specifications for the renovation and expansion project of a hospital centre.

  • Datasheet of a control device for lubrication systems.

  • User and maintenance manual of an electric gear pump.

  • Technical specifications of a facility management software.

  • Website for selling vehicle spare parts.

  • User and maintenance manual of a lattice boom crane.

  • Security operational plan of a construction site for the installation of a cogeneration plant.

  • User and maintenance manual of a personal fall arrest system.

  • Catalogue of street furniture with technical characteristics of each product.

  • Detailed description of the manufacturing steps of luxury furniture pieces.

  • Website for selling natural cosmetic products.​

  • Description of cosmetic products with corresponding instructions for sale.

  • Article of a travel magazine about Luxembourg’s tourist locations.

  • Tourism website about the French regions.

  • Presentation of a collection of eyewear and sportswear.

  • Promotional website for fashion items.​

  • Website for selling French gastronomic products.​

  • Cooking recipes and menus.



All our work is performed with due regard to the quality, the deadlines and the trust you have placed in us.

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality regarding all information and documents entrusted to us.


Any document entrusted to us will be processed exclusively by us and shall under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties.



Our services are performed with the following procedure:

  • first contact,

  • analysis of the document to be translated,

  • defining the deadline & the technical aspects,

  • submission of the purchase order,

  • translation of the document,

  • proofreading & submission of questions,

  • optional: second proofreading by another translator,

  • first delivery,

  • implementation of any requested modification,

  • delivery of the final document.