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Franco-Italian Language Partner of

Tech and Industrial Companies

We help industrial and tech companies
get established in France and Italy.

"A winning combination!" 
— Isabelle Perrot, Praxedo

Do you work in an industrial or technology sector and want to get established in France and Italy? We can help you achieve this!

How? Providing you with the best customized technical translation and software localization services.

Our clients love partnering with us because we work as a team to cater to all their linguistic needs, giving them expert advice and answering all their questions along the way. 

Stop worrying and relax, knowing that your technical translation project is taken care of by nothing less than a French-Italian translator-engineer couple, working hand in hand to best meet your expectations, and more.

for a free consultation!


We translate from French to Italian and vice versa,

and also from English and German.








Hi! 👋🏻 We are Alice & Pierre-Yves, Italian and French natives, technical translators, husband and wife, and we work together under the brand TradZana.


Thanks to our teamwork, you will benefit from the language and overall skills of each one of us at the same time, in addition to having two sets of eyes on the same copy.


Alice is an Italian native who has studied languages and holds a degree in specialized translation.

A French engineer turned translator, Pierre-Yves is one of the very few who can truly state to be specialized in technical translation.

We both have many years of experience in language services.


This makes us the perfect team to handle all your technical translation projects.


We have been chosen by Wilbi as ambassadors of our profession!

Wilbi is a new French-developed application that allows young students to find out about the daily life of professionals from every sectors through Instagram Story-like videos.

Shall we get started?

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