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Pierre-Yves Zana
Technical Translator & Engineer


Pierre-Yves is a French native speaker with a passion for technologies and languages. He worked for 4 years as an engineer in France and abroad after graduating in electrical engineering.

In 2015, he decided to combine his technical and linguistic skills to start a career as a specialized translator.


• French native speaker
• 6 years of experience in technical translation
• Member of the SFT
• Expert in terminology research
• 4 years of experience as an engineer
• Master of Science in electrical engineering
• C2 certificate in Italian and English

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Alice Miozzo Zana
Specialized Translator


Alice is Italian and has a passion for traveling. After graduating in foreign languages and cultures, she worked for several years in the tourism and trade sectors in Italy and France.


In 2017, she completed a Master's degree in specialized translation and started her journey as a translator, following the footsteps of Pierre-Yves, with whom she collaborates closely.


• Italian native speaker

• 4 years of experience in translation
• Master's degree in specialized translation

• Member of the SFT
• Expert in terminology research
• C2 certificate in French 
• Perfect understanding of English

Pastille SFT.png

"A winning combination" 
— Isabelle Perrot, Praxedo


  • We are a translator-engineer team: Alice is a specialized translator and Pierre-Yves is a trained electrical engineer.

  • We work together on every project, so you will benefit from the language and overall skills of each one of us at the same time, in addition to having two different sets of eyes on the same copy.

  • We translate in both our native languages (Italian and French), ensuring your translated copy sounds natural to your target audience.

  • We are highly specialized, so you can avoid gross terminology mistakes that could severely hinder comprehension.​

  • We perform the translation ourselves, so you’ll be able to speak directly to the person doing the work and enjoy smooth and fast communication, without a middleman.

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