Pierre-Yves Zana

Technical Translator

Pierre-Yves is a French native speaker with a passion for technologies and languages. He worked for 4 years as an engineer in France and abroad after graduating in electrical engineering.

In 2015, he decided to combine his technical and linguistic skills to start a career as a specialised translator.


• French native speaker
• 5 years of experience in technical translation
• Member of the SFT
• Expert in terminology research
• 4 years of experience as an engineer
• Master of Science in electrical engineering
• C2 certificate in Italian and English

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Alice Miozzo Zana

Specialised Translator

Alice is Italian and has a passion for traveling. After graduating in foreign languages and cultures, she worked for several years in the tourism and trade sectors in Italy and France.


In 2017, she completed a Master's degree in specialised translation and started her journey as a translator, following the footsteps of Pierre-Yves, with whom she collaborates closely.


• Italian native speaker

• 3 years of experience in translation
• Master's degree in specialised translation

• Member of the SFT and of the ATI
• Expert in terminology research
• C2 certificate in French 
• Perfect understanding of English

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Professionalism, skills, linguistic union and more. Such are the solid foundations that led to the creation of TradZana.

Two translators, two people, who assimilated the language and culture of one another and decided to combine their strengths to give life to this collaboration.

It is precisely this synergy – this teamwork and mutual support – that strengthens the quality and reliability of the services provided.


In order to guarantee long-term quality services, we continually strive to improve our knowledge and skills.


In particular, we participate in specialised courses, webinars and conferences focusing on all aspects of the world of specialised translation.


Our goal is to always stay at the forefront in a constantly changing world.

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