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Language Partner

Do you want to conquer Italian and French markets? We can help you achieve that! We are the ideal language partner who will allow you to overcome the linguistic barriers.


According to statistics, if you want to develop your business abroad, you must speak to your future customers in their native language. 

For this purpose, TradZana will provide you with texts written in natural-sounding Italian and French, which reflect the technical and commercial value of your company.


Thanks to our services, you will:

  • communicate with your target audience in their native language,

  • win over countless new customers in France and Italy,

  • expand your business abroad and increase your profit.

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TradZana is a brand of specialized translation services.


Created in 2017, it is the result of the experience and the union of two translators of different nationalities:

Pierre-Yves Zana, IT/EN > FR Translator

Alice Miozzo Zana, FR/EN > IT Translator


This very synergy, both professional and personal, represents the greatest strength of TradZana as it provides an additional guarantee of quality.


Specialized Translation

Areas of expertise:




about online consumers (source)


prefer to visit websites

in their mother tongue 


are more likely to buy products

with information in their language


said that having information in

their language is more important

than price


said they never purchase

products or services on websites

in other languages

Despite the growing influence of English, only a small portion of people

from Italy (14%) and France (24%) are able to speak it (source).

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